Quick Review:

God desires relationship with us, with me. This I know, but God takes us deeper into the knowledge of Him and His ways, here a little, there a little. Before continuing to the next thought, let’s review our conclusions thus far.

I shared last week that God spoke softly to my heart, “Know Me. I am seeking your face.” That set me to discovering more deliberately what it means in Scripture when God tells us to seek His face, and how that might help us to understand more fully His seeking after our face.

Thus far we have discerned together that we are blessed by God’s presence when we devote ourselves to Him, surrendering our all to His will and way. And that He is blessed by us when we do so. Because He desires a relationship with those He created for the purpose of relationship, He seeks after us with the fiery hot desire of a devotion to us that we cannot fully fathom. That devotion is proven through the fact that He so desires a relationship with us that He gave His Son as propitiation—full payment for sin, providing us a way into this relationship He desires with us.

Through every act of love, desiring relationship with us, God is setting an example for our seeking after Him with all our personality—all our being, everything that makes us who we are. He sets the example always, doing first that which He calls us to in relationship; so our next conclusion is that God desires us wholeheartedly, with everything He is.

That leads to longing for us. When we fall short of seeking His face, He longs after us, like the father of the prodigal son. He stands at the ready, eyes open, watching for our return; ears attentively listening for any sound of our feet on that straight and narrow path back to Him.

Then we found that seeking a face to face requires presence; and not just being in the same room, but giving full focus and attention to our relationship, seeking to please God fully. Any relationship will die on the vine if not tended to and given the proper care needed for it to live and function properly. So we must give God our full attention if we desire to know Him. Consequently we can know that He is there for us fully, ready to give us His complete attention, being always in our presence.

Beginning tomorrow, we will press forward this week through two or three more sessions, bringing this course of study to a conclusion.

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