We Thrive at God’s Side ~ Introduction

“You have also given me the shield of Your salvation, and Your right hand has held me up; Your gentleness and condescension have made me great” ~ Psalm 18:35, AMP.

Upon waking on the day I write this, grieving over so many family issues, I saw myself standing in a desert place, crying out with arms outstretched to God. Immediately the Spirit exclaimed, “That’s not where you are!” In that instant God reminded me of another dream, shared with you before, and again here and now.

The Dream

Jesus, sitting on his huge throne leans over the arm to His right hand side where He has me sitting on a just-my-size throne, like His own but much smaller and turned facing His right hand side. As I weep before Him, He leans over the arm and says, “You rest here. I’ve got this.” Looking up at Him, I scan to my right and see all those I love and weep for standing as brilliant, gold light before Him. Realizing they are His and He has this in His righteous and holy Right Hand, weeping fills with hope.


Today as I realize He continues to seat me at His side where His authority in all things great and small is made sure to me for areas of concern, I also understand that He has me sitting on a throne of my own, smaller – just my size. God grants us authority and choice in life. We have a throne of authority gifted to us by Him. He expects us to be responsible stewards of all He grants us authority to handle. The challenge comes in realizing what we are empowered to do as opposed to those things we must know is His to handle.

WALK-WITH-GODThe things going on in my family and in the world around me are too big for me and they are out of my control. As the Spirit asked my heart upon waking recently, so I recall to mind now, “Why are you fretting over things you can do nothing about?” These things I must entrust to my Lord, who has “got this”. Otherwise, I have no strength and focus for handling the things He gives me authority to possess.

As I consider these truths on this day of God reminding me where He positions me, I find myself wondering what I can learn about those positioned by God on His right hand side. Researching that, I find several things that help us understand not only what it means when we are on the right of the Lord, but also what is means when He positions us on His left. Thus begins a study to know how we can thrive as we learn how to function to the right or the left hand side of God.

Beloved, we thrive at God’s side.


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