Tomorrow We Pray for School Security

Good day!

I’m so excited for this first Day of Prayer focus, and so excited for you all joining us in it. I really appreciate all those sharing the event, inviting friends to join us (to help with that, see the links below). There are many more participants than evident in reported numbers. I am amazed at the move of God, calling His kids to join His heart for our schools. Praise His Holy Name!

If you are not following my page – Darlene’s Ponderings, Prayers, and Praises on Facebook – I hope you will become part of this branch of God’s army. The foci for future events are already coming together, and I would love for you to join us.

I hope you can follow posts today as we prepare our hearts for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will worship through the day together with songs and scripture thoughts for prayer posted about every hour. For those wondering how to participate while walking through the demands of your busy lives, here’s suggestions and encouragement for ways to be faithful through the day.

Prayer Reminder Tips for Busy Lives

With all the demands on our lives, many people struggle to give themselves to a day of prayer (and fasting). It is good if we are in a position to lock ourselves away from the outside world and give full focus to the Word of God and focused prayer. If you are able to do that, please do; and pray for the prayer warriors while you are at it.

For those who can’t do that, here are some suggestions to give yourself some focus in your participation with us:

1. Trust God! Trust Him to draw your focus and direct your heart and protect your time.

2. Find a physical reminder: set something nearby that can be used to prompt prayer when it catches your eye; set a timer to go off every hour; put a ring on a finger you seldom wear a ring on – it will draw your attention to prayer when you bump it.

3. When your reminder gets your attention, go to the next verse or series in Ps. 27 and let it’s Words inspire your prayer. Or come to our FB page to see the scriptures and/or listen to the songs with a prayerful heart.

4. Remember to BREATHE: Prayer is exhaling to God’s ear the faith and belief that He is the solution; and inhaling the peace and hope He gives. Give every breath to Him and watch Him do it!!!

Father, we are willing. Make us able by Your all-sufficient grace. In Jesus, BREATHE through us for the good of our schools. Amen.

Thanks again for joining in! Yay!

Join us!

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