Morning Prayer: 8/10/22

Oh, Father. I know the pain of the work of evil in family, and I know several families who are suffering the destructive force of the hand of evil. I pray You fill them with Your love, and deliver them from the self destructive power of hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, even blame toward self and feelings of guilt gets an ugly grip where it is not truth. Evil destroys lives and families if not dealt with properly. Please grant wise counsel to the hearts and minds of each family member. May they seek Your face as never before and help each other recover.

A thought came out of my mouth the other day when talking about the need to forgive. “I can’t afford to not forgive.” When I heard myself say that, Father, I knew deeper than ever the truth of that fact. Forgiveness is for my own sake, putting no obstacle between me and You who are my first, most vital need and necessity if I am to be of any use to others struck by the evil we face. In Jesus, empower these to love the unlovable for Your names sake and bring to these full healing and restoration in the process, enabling them to forgive those snared and used to work the evil done. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Morning Prayer: 8/10/22”

  1. Please pray for my family which is broken , wounded and shamed by sins from family line that has passed down a few or more generations .

    We are going to visit them and we pray for restoration, healing and salvation in our broken family in Jesus name.

    Please pray for us as we go to visit our estranged family. 🙏❤️

    Thanks for your message, it touched my heart and speaks volumes of my sisters and brothers and nephews and nieces.

    Stewart & Angelique


    1. Yes, Stewart. I stand in agreement with you for your family, for God’s perfect will and way in their lives and for you as you share God’s love with them. If it is okay with you, I will share this with a few trusted, prayer warrior friends who will pray with us.


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