DAY 40 — “I’m Limited”

“Today we are fasting from the thought that says, “I’m limited”.

“Perhaps you’ve felt limited by your past, your upbringing, or your pain. We all have something we think may limit us.”

As I read this today, I know this thought process has been in me all my days. My daddy was hard working and always did his best for us. But being from a moderate income family with momma’s health and mental issues, I have always felt lesser, limited, held back.

As I read this today, I realize I must transmute myself into the family of my Father. Lord, Chang me. Help me to realize I am only limited by thinking that fails to realize and walk in “The Lord God, my Father, is my Shepherd, to feed, guide, and shield me: I shall not lack.” No limits with You. What You call me to, You empower and supply. Thank You Lord.

Fast From Wrong Thinking: Day 40 • Devotional